Upcoming Events and Field Trips

Events & Field Trips

Chapter Meeting: Demystifying Pacific Lamprey: History, Ecology, Biology, Threats, and Restoration with Dave’y Lumley

January 24 (Thursday), 7pm - Yakima Area Arboretum Office, 1401 Arboretum Dr., Yakima, WA

Dave’y Lumley has been working as a Fisheries Technician III for the Yakama Nation Fisheries since 2013.

She recently finished a degree in Biology with a specialization in Ecology at Central Washington University and is now a fish biologist with the Yakama Nation Fisheries Resource Management Program (FRMP), Pacific Lamprey Project.

Pacific Lamprey, commonly call “eels” by tribal members and others, is an incredibly important species for the Columbia River tribes in terms of food, medicine and culture. They also serve many roles in the stream ecology, benefiting many, many native species.

Field Trips

January 26 (Saturday) - Poppoff Trail walk half-day trip

The Poppoff Trail consistently boasts the highest diversity of birds of any single site in Yakima. Join Andy and Ellen Stepniewski for a leisurely morning walk at the South end of the Yakima Greenway. We’ll look for wrens, chickadees, warblers, thrushes, and sparrows in the riverside riparian growth, raptors overhead, and waterfowl in the ponds. Meet Andy and Ellen 8 am at the east end of Valley Mall Blvd. in the Greenway parking lot. Questions and to sign up, email Andy at steppie@nwinfo.net, or call 949-7404.

February 9 (Saturday) - It’s time to find some ducks!

YVAS is having a field trip on Saturday 2/9 to look for water fowl. This is a fun trip because:

We will probably go to the McNary area (just past Pasco, at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia rivers). but I will scout out the possible areas to find the (hopefully) most interesting spots. Bring your bins, scope if you have one, and lunch. We leave at 7:30, contact me for the meeting spot and other details at bdrenguis@gmail.com or 965-5808.