Upcoming Events


Chapter Meeting

May 25 (Thursday), 7pm – Yakima Area Arboretum Office, 1401 Arboretum Dr., Yakima, WA

Experience Namibia - Presented By David and Margie Van Cleve

Let’s go on safari! This month we can join David and Margie Van Cleve as they recall their recent adventures in Africa. And not just any part of Africa, but Namibia!

Have you heard about the Skeleton Coast? Have you seen those pictures of huge, endless dunes? How about the waterholes that are surrounded by arid bush? You know the ones that are packed with all manner of animals because it’s the only water around. Well, guess what? All those attractions are in Namibia.

Over the years, David and Margie, who serves on the Executive Committee of the Washington State Chapter of the Sierra Club, have given several presentations to our group. Their photography has been superb, and the narrative is witty. I am really looking forward to experiencing (OK, second hand) a trip to this unique land.

-Bill Drenguis

Field Trips

May 26-29 (Friday-Monday) - Memorial Day Wenas Campout

The annual Memorial Day weekend Wenas Audubon Campout at the Wenas Creek Campground on Audubon Road. Birding field trips and flower walks abound at this casual and friendly gathering. In past campouts activities have included field sketching, bat and owl prowls, and much more. You do not need to be an Audubon member to attend. Drive up for a day or camp. All are welcome. Visit the Wenas Audubon website for directions and complete information.

June 3 (Saturday) - Woodpeckers/Forest Birds Field Trip

Teresa Lorenz and Tierra Groff will lead a field trip to look for woodpeckers and other forest birds. Trip will focus on white-headed, black-backed, Lewis’s and three-toed woodpecker, as well as Williamsons and red-naped sapsucker.

We will visit burns on Oak Creek Wildlife Area and the Naches Ranger District. exact locations TBD, but may include Rock Creek, Nile Creek, Rattlesnake Creek and Rimrock Lake area. Meet at 7 am June 3 at the carpool lot near High- way 12 and Highway 410 junction, which is 4 miles west of Naches on Highway 12. Bring lunch/snacks and water.

We will do short hikes (<1/2 mile) through the forest so bring shoes for walking off road/off trail. Contact Teresa for questions: teresajlorenz@gmail.com

June 10 (Saturday) - Yakima Natural History Field Trip Series

Andy and Ellen Stepniewski will lead a trip to White Pass Highway, continuing the “Yakima Natural History” field trip series the Stepniewskis began in March (the arid Shrub-steppe Zone). This trip will move upslope in the Cascades to middle elevations. Here in the outposts of the next zone, the northernmost fringes of the Oregon White Oak Zone lie west of the ‘Y’ on the highway. We’ll search for Ash-throated Flycatcher, and other species characteristic of oak habitats of the American West. Upwards in elevation, we’ll next encounter the Ponderosa Pine Zone, the quintessential dry forest throughout the West, stopping several times, sampling its diverse birdlife, including signature birds such as White-breasted and Pygmy Nuthatches.

Moving west again towards Clear Lake in wetter terrain, we’ll make stops in the Interior Douglas-fir Zone, where Cassin’s Vireo and the lovely Western Tanager are characteristic species. Along with birds, we will look at other plants in these three zones, including wildflowers, which should still be on fine display. Around the Tieton Marsh and Clear Lake, and perhaps elsewhere, we will pad our list with species wedded to water and riparian habitats. Email leader Andy Stepniewski (steppie@nwinfo.net) for details of the meeting time and place.

Plan on meeting at 7 am, returning by 3 pm. Bring a lunch and fluids, sun protection, and dress for possible cool and breezy temps. Mark your calendar for July 15 when the third fieldtrip in this series, a hike occurs into the Subalpine Zone from Chinook Pass north up to Sheep Lake. Those attending all three trips will have been introduced to the extraordinary biodiversity found in the Yakima region!