Crows - Clever, Curious, and Charismatic

Loma Pendergraft, M.S.University of Washington

Due to their advanced intelligence, crows, ravens, and other members of their taxonomic family—a group called Corvids—have captured the imaginations of people throughout history. Many of our myths, legends, and stories testify to the astonishing brain power these birds possess. Here we will discuss fun facts about crows, the types of tasks they can solve, how they communicate among themselves, and the different research that Loma and his lab have conducted on these fascinating birds.

Speaker Bio: A PhD candidate who is working under Dr. John Marzluff, Loma is studying American crow communication and intelligence. His work has been featured in Audubon, National Geographic, and Bill Nye Saves the World. He holds a BS in Wildlife Ecology from Oklahoma State University, a Masters in Environmental and Forest Science from UW, and was a science teacher working for Tulsa Public Schools. Visit his website at