Shrubsteppe Conservation - May 2021 - YVAS Program

May is a prime month when this habitat is truly alive with plants and animals! Please join us for a panel discussion as speakers show the value of this habitat, threats facing the habitat and what people can do to preserve this vanishing resource. Come ready to engage the speakers with your questions on shrubsteppe habitat!

Shrubsteppe is an imperiled habitat, particularly in the Columbia Basin and Yakima County. As a result, many of the wildlife species that depend on the habitat are also imperiled. Key shrubsteppe wildlife species such as Burrowing Owls, Greater Sage-grouse, and Ferruginous Hawk have either disappeared or nearly disappeared from Yakima County. Representatives from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Yakima Valley Audubon and Cowiche Canyon Conservancy will present efforts they are working on to ensure that shrubsteppe habitat and its associated wildlife are conserved for the future.

Our May speakers are: