Chapter Meeting

September 28 (Thursday), 7pm – Yakima Area Arboretum Office, 1401 Arboretum Dr., Yakima, WA

I will assume that you like birds and I bet that you like beautiful photographs. Add to that an exotic location and you now know why our next chapter speaker will be a knock- out. George Vlahakis recently made a trip to Panama and is inviting all of us to join him as he shows us the highlights.

I hope that you are familiar with George. Not only does he take professional grade photos, he is a member of our chapter. I bet that most of us have taken a few snapshots of birds and are often pleased with the results. Well George takes it to the nest level. And he provides a humorous narrative (usually supplemented by his wife Susan). The birds of Panama range from non-descript to spectacular, with most of them closer to the spectacular end of the spectrum. Not only will George show us photos of birds most of us have never heard of, many of them will be from families we have never heard of! So this program will be educational as well as entertaining! So come join us on Thursday, September 28, 7 pm at the Arboretum. Imagine a trip to the tropics and you do not need mosquito repellant. George will even tell us the name of the bird in the photo.

-Bill Drenguis_

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