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Total Solar Eclipse on August 21

To be visible across the entire United States

The United States will experience a total solar eclipse on August 21. The area of totality, when the moon totally blocks the sun, will travel from the coast of Oregon across the U.S. to South Carolina. It will be viewed by many millions of people. A partial solar eclipse will be visible throughout the entire continental U.S.

The area of totality will hit the Oregon coast at about Depoe Bay at about 10:00 a.m., travel through Oregon and go into Idaho just north of Weiser. There is an eclipse festival in Madras in eastern Oregon. They are expecting 100,000 people. They are also expecting massive traffic jambs. If you go down that way, go early!

For viewing the eclipse, be sure to use proper eyewear. Regular sunglasses will not provide enough protection. It is possible to get serious eye damage from viewing the eclipse with improper eyewear. You can order disposable eclipse glasses on-line for around $5. Be sure to order soon to make sure they aren’t sold out. Have fun!

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