Hunting for Birds with Cub Scouts

A few years ago, YVAS obtained a grant to buy some lifesized bird models. We used these for events, including the Yakima Greenway’s ‘Kiddin’ Around’ program. This year, when we received a request from a Terrace Heights Cub Scout group for something educational for one of their meetings, we recreated a similar event at the Yakima Area Arboretum.

Image - Birds' future hope take a peek
Birds' future hope take a peek

Yakima Audubon volunteers hid the bird models and some life-sized photos in the arboretum. The scouts had a picture field guide of just these birds and were turned loose to hunt for birds, identify them and check them off on their list. After that, they moved to the bird blind to watch real birds. With so many parents and siblings of all ages, as well as rambunctious Cub Scouts the event was noisy and energetic as the scouts spread out through the area. At the bird blind, watching real birds, it was amazing to see so many of them attentive. Sierra Downes (daughter of Scott and Melisa), an avid, competent young birder, was one of the volunteers, and the young scouts really seemed to connect with her. A true scout salute to volunteers Bill Drenguis, Denny Granstrand, Kerry Turley, Sierra and Scott Downes and Andy Stepniewski for their guidance and patience.

— Ellen Stepniewski