BirdYak Email Group for Birding in Yakima County -

BirdYak is an email list for topics relating to birds and birding in Yakima County. This list is open to anyone, and the hope is that the postings will focus on issues of sightings and identification related to Yakima County, and associated topics such as birding destinations and equipment. Discussion of purely conservation issues are discouraged, as there are other forums for this. Advertising of a commercial nature is prohibited. One can expect to receive between 10 and 30 emails per month from BirdYak.

To subscribe to BirdYak, send an email to: If you decide BirdYak is not for you, unsubscribing is very easy.

The BirdYak website can be seen at: The entire archive of emails that have been sent to BirdYak since its beginning in November 2000 can be found on the website.